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Courtney Love

Courtney Love Biography

Courtney Michelle Harrison born on July 9, 1964 is an American rock musician and actress. Love is primarily known as lead singer, guitarist and lyricist for alternative rock band Hole, as well as for her publicity-ridden marriage to the late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. After a tumultuous upbringing, Love had made her debut into the entertainment industry with a supporting role in Alex Cox’s 1986 biopic Sid and Nancy, and later transitioned into music, forming the band Hole in 1989. Hole released three studio albums throughout the 1990s, including the acclaimed Live Through This (1994) and the Grammy-nominated Celebrity Skin (1998). Love continued her position as lead singer for Hole in various incarnations until 2002, when the group disbanded. After releasing a commercially unsuccessful solo album in 2004, Love re-formed Hole with new members in 2009. Love’s lyrics, both with Hole and in her solo work, have often dealt with feminist themes.

Courtney Love Bio

Love began her music career with a brief stint as lead singer of Faith No More. Bassist Billy Gould described the situation thus: “She’s got to lead and tell people what’s what. She was the dictator, and in our band things were democratic. At that time she couldn’t sing too well, and she had a lot of personal problems, so she had to leave the band.” Although Love’s dominating personality did not fit in, the two have remained friends, working together in 2005 on a track for the film Adam & Steve.Love then began pursuing an acting career at this time, garnering a small role as Gretchen, a friend of Nancy Spungen in Alex Cox’s Sid Vicious biopic Sid and Nancy in 1986, and in Cox’s spaghetti-western, Straight to Hell in 1987. Following the critical failure of Straight to Hell, Love, who had garnered a low-level of fame in the underground cinema scene, returned to Oregon and worked again as an exotic dancer in a strip-bar in McMinville before moving briefly to Alaska.On April 27, 2010, Nobody’s Daughter was released worldwide as a Hole album. Hole now consists of Courtney Love (guitar, vocals), Micko Larkin (guitar), Shawn Dailey (bass guitar), and Stu Fisher (drums, percussion). Some songs from the sessions with Linda Perry and Billy CorganĀ  are on the album, including “Pacific Coast Highway”, “Letter to God”, “Samantha”, and “Never Go Hungry”, although they have been re-produced with Micko Larkin.

The first single from Nobody’s Daughter is “Skinny Little Bitch”, which was the most added song on alternative rock radio in early March 2010. Hole performed on The Late Show with David Letterman on April 27, 2010, and Courtney Love was interviewed. Hole also performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on April 29, 2010, on the outdoor stage.

In April 2010, the NME reported that Love was retiring the name and persona of Courtney Love, preferring to be referred to as Courtney Michelle. Love’s spokesperson later denied this, saying “the NME took it out of context.”

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