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Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane Biography

Jane was a military brat who grew up on various military bases in the Midwestern United States. She did extensive dance training & was a varsity cheerleader at her high school in Rose Hill, Kansas. She graduated fr. high school in Moore, Oklahoma.

Jesse Jane Bio

Jane co-hosts with fellow Digital Playground contract performers Devon and Teagan Presley the live, Internet-based, adult industry talk show¬† DP Tonight. The show features industry gossip, adult film star guests & audience/host interactivity. She was a guest star on the HBO dramedy series Entourage¬† on the second season in the ninth episode. The episode is entitled “I Love You Too”, and features the foursome making a trip to Comicon where they get some help from the “Pussy Patrol” of which Jane is the leader. In March 2006, Jane and Kirsten Price became the hosts of Playboy TV’s most popular live show, Night Calls. In addition, Jane also hosts Playboy TV’s Naughty Amateur Home Videos and is the sex columnist for Cheri, with contributions starting in the January 2007 issue. In 2007, Jesse became a sex columnist for the Australian mens magazine Ralph, replying to letters from readers about sex and dating. In 2009 Jesse appeared in the reality series The Bad Girls Club. In a 2009 CNBC documentary titled “Porn: Business of Pleasure”, Jesse was the focus of the final 10 min segment detailing her career & her life outside the porn industry.

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