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Ben Lyons

Ben Lyons Biography

Ben Lyons was born on October 8, 1981, is an American film critic and entertainment journalist. He is the son of the NBC film and theater critic Jeffrey Lyons and the grandson of the American newspaper columnnist Leonard Lyons. Lyons started his own production company in 2002, producing segments for Hip-Hop Nation. In 2004, MTV hired him to co-host Your Movie Show. In 2006, Lyons hosted entertainment segments on The Daily 10, covering red carpet events and festivals. In addition, he began to write the E! Online column “The Lyons Den”, whose name refers to the old New York Post newspaper column by his grandfather, which his father has also used for his show on the New York City radio station WCBS. He then became a regular contributor on “Daily 10” as their resident film critic and interviewer, appearing several times a week, in many instances. He also appears on the channel’s red carpet coverage of the SAG, Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and Oscar telecasts. He has been on their red carpet coverage of the BAFTA awards as well from London.

Ben Lyons Bio

Lyons has been featured on Access Hollywood and has worked as a segment producer on the nationally syndicated Hip-Hop Nation. His “Day in the Life of Russell Simmons” episode followed the music mogul as he prepared for the opening night of Def Poetry on Broadway. Lyons also hosted My Family’s Got GUTS, on Nickelodeon. Lyons has also appeared in Disaster Movie and The House Bunny. He is a regular contributor to Good Morning America. During Lyons’ tenure on At the Movies, he received criticism for his perceived lack of understanding of films and film history, use of positively phrased quotes in reviews which appear tailored for use on movie advertisements, and for conflicts of interest in posing for photographs with actors whose movies he later reviews. Lyons and Mankiewicz were fired on August 5, 2009, and replaced by Phillips and New York Times critic A.O. Scott as the show’s permanent hosts.

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