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  • Teller 0 CommentsPosted by on December 5, 2010 under Comedian, Magician
    Teller Biography Teller born February 14, 1948, is an American magician, illusionist, comedian, writer, and the frequently silent half of the comedy magic duo better-known as Penn & Teller, along w/ Penn Jillette. He is better-known for his advocacy of atheism, libertarianism, free-market economics, & scientific skepticism. He legally switched his name from Raymond Joseph Teller to just... more.
  • Ben Stiller 0 CommentsPosted by on November 30, 2010 under Actor, Comedian, Director
    Ben Stiller Biography Benjamin Edward "Ben" Stiller was born on November 30, 1965, is an American comedian, actor, writer, film director, and producer. He is the son of veteran comedians and actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. After starting his acting career w/ a play, Stiller wrote several mockumentaries, & was offered 2 of his own shows, both entitled The Ben Stiller Show. He began acti... more.
  • Sarah Silverman 0 CommentsPosted by on November 23, 2010 under Actress, Comedian, Recording Artist
    Sarah Silverman Biography Sarah Kate Silverman was born on December 1, 1970, is an American comedian, writer, actress, singer & musician. Although usually referable as Sarah Silverman, she is sometimes credited by her nickname, Big S. Her satirical comedy addresses social taboos and controversial topics such as racism, sexism, and religion. Sarah Silverman, the youngest of four daughters, w... more.
  • Sherri Shepherd 0 CommentsPosted by on November 20, 2010 under Actress, Comedian, Tv Personality
    Sherri Shepherd Biography Sherri Evonne Shepherd was born on April 22, 1967, is an American comedienne, actress, & TV personality. She is 1 of 5 co-hosts on the ABC daytime talkshow, The View, as well as the current host of the Newlywed Game. As an actress, she has starred in the sitcom Less Than Perfect and her own sitcom Sherri on Lifetime. Shepherd was born in Chicago, Illinois  to Lawr... more.
  • Stephen Colbert 0 CommentsPosted by on November 19, 2010 under Comedian, Tv Host
    Stephen Colbert Biography Stephen Tyrone Colbert was born on May 13, 1964, is an American political satirist, writer, comedian & television host. He is the host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, a satirical news show in which Colbert portrays a caricatured version of conservative political pundits. Colbert originally studied to be an actor, but became active in improvisational theatre... more.
  • Weird Al Yankovic 0 CommentsPosted by on November 10, 2010 under Actor, Comedian, Recording Artist, SONG WRITER
    Weird Al Yankovic Biography Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic was born on October 23, 1959, is an American singer-songwriter, music producer, actor, comedian, satirist, and a parodist. Yankovic is known in particular for his humorous songs that make light of popular culture  and that often parody specific songs by contemporary musical acts. Since his 1st-aired comedy song in 1976, he has sold... more.
  • Michael Ian Black 0 CommentsPosted by on November 2, 2010 under Actor, Comedian, Director
    Michael Ian Black Biography Michael Ian Black (Michael Ian Schwartz) was born on August 12, 1971, is an American comedian, actor, writer & director. He has starred in different TV comedy series, including The State, Ed, Viva Variety, Stella & Michael & Michael Have Issues. He is also a prominent poker player, appearing on Celebrity Poker Showdown different times. He released a well-... more.
  • Jamie Kennedy 0 CommentsPosted by on October 18, 2010 under Actor, Comedian, Recording Artist
    Jamie Kennedy Biography James Harvey "Jamie" Kennedy was born on May 25, 1970, is an American actor, comedian, & rapper. Kennedy, the youngest of 6 children, was born in Upper Darby Township, a suburban area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His family is of Irish descent and he was raised Roman Catholic. He gone to and graduated from Monsignor Bonner High School in 1988. After high school he ... more.
  • Niecy Nash 0 CommentsPosted by on October 6, 2010 under Actress, Comedian
    Niecy Nash Biography Niecy Nash (Carol Denise Ensley) was born on February 23, 1970. She is an American comedian and actress who has hosted Clean House on the Style Network & played Deputy Raineesha Williams on the Comedy Central television series Reno 911!. In addition to her acting endeavors, she is the spokesperson  of M.A.V.I.S. (Mothers Against Violence In Schools). M.A.V.I.S. was fou... more.
  • Tom Green 0 CommentsPosted by on October 3, 2010 under Actor, Comedian, Recording Artist, Tv Host, Tv Personality
    Tom Green Biography Michael Thomas "Tom" Green was born on July 30, 1971, is a Canadian actor, rapper, writer, comedian, talk show host and media personality. He grew up on a Canadian Army base and afterwards lived in Gloucester, Ontario where he attended Colonel By Secondary School. Green studied television airing at Algonquin College and graduated in 1994. He is famous for his MTV television ... more.
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