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Kareem Abdul Jabar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Biography

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ( Ferdinand Lewis “Lew” Alcindor, Jr.) was born on April 16, 1947, is an American retired basketball player, coach, actor, & author. During his career with the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers¬† from 1969 to 1989, Abdul-Jabbar scored more points than any other player in league history, won 6 NBA championships and a record 6 regular season MVP Awards. In college at UCLA, he played on three championship teams, & his high school team won 71 consecutive games.

Kareem Abdul Jabar Bio

On offense, Abdul-Jabbar was an unstoppable low-post threat. In contrast to other low-post dominators like Wilt Chamberlain, Artis Gilmore or Shaquille O’Neal, Abdul-Jabbar was a relatively slender player, standing 7-2 but only weighing 225 lbs. However, he made up for his relative lack of bulk by showing textbook finesse, strength & was famous for his ambidextrous skyhook shot, which defenders found impossible to block. It contributed to his high .559 field goal accuracy, making him the eighth most accurate scorer of all time and a feared clutch shooter. Abdul-Jabbar was also quick enough to run the “Showtime” fast break led by Magic Johnson¬† and was well-conditioned, standing on the hardwood an average 36.8 minutes. In contrast to other big men, Abdul-Jabbar also could reasonably hit his free throws, finishing with a career 72% average.

On defense, Abdul-Jabbar maintained a dominant presence. He was selected to the NBA All-Defensive Team eleven times. He frustrated opponents with his superior shot-blocking ability, denying an average 2.6 shots a game. As a teammate, Abdul-Jabbar exuded natural leadership and was affectionately called “Cap” or “Captain” by his colleagues. He was also known for his strict fitness regime, which made him one of the most durable players of all time. In the NBA, his 20 seasons and 1,560 games are performances surpassed only by Robert Parish. Abdul-Jabbar made the NBA’s 35th and 50th Anniversary Teams, and was named one of the 50 Greatest Players of All Time in 1996.

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