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Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson Biography

Johnson was born in Florida. Her father was Robert Wood Johnson IV, New York Jets owner and multimillionaire with a estimated net worth of around $900 million USD, and her mother was Nancy Sale Frey, a socialite and former model. She was also niece of Jamie Johnson who directed the documentary Born Rich. Johnson was raised in Manhattan and lived in a triplex penthouse apartment at 834 Fifth Avenue (in which her father was a member of the board) and attended the exclusive Chapin School, and the Marymount School, and Dwight School after being asked to leave. She later enrolled in Brown University for one semester.

Casey Johnson Bio

December 29, 2009, 1:13 a.m., Johnson left a message on Twitter saying “sweet dreams everyone… I’m getting a new car…”, The Daily News  reported that a maid found Johnson’s dead body in the bedroom of her West Hollywood home exactly a week later, on January 4, 2010.  However, published reports of the 911 call revealed that Johnson actually died in a friend’s guesthouse in Los Angeles when she was left there alone, while her friends went to the city to socialize. The unidentified caller reported that Johnson was ice cold, and her hands were turning blue. The caller also stated that Johnson was on medications, and that they often get “all screwed up”. All Headline News reported in January 2010 that Johnson’s fiancée, Tila Tequila, was planning to seek legal custody of Casey Johnson’s adopted daughter. February 4, 2010, the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office announced that she had died of diabetic ketoacidosis. She was reported to have neglected to take her medication, and died naturally. Tequila has arranged plans to seek legal custody of Casey Johnson’s adopted daughter, Ava.

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